Capt Steve's Meat Marinator infusing a pork roast.

Patents to Retail Meat Marinator

Never Eat Bland Meat Again With the Capt Steve’s Meat Marinator Do you often feel like your home-cooked meat tastes bland? Do you love the flavor […]
Lu Lu's Lullaby Baby Memory Foam Diaper Changing and Mattress Topper

Why You Should Consider a Baby Sleeping Mat

While many parents do not view a baby sleeping mat as a necessity, there are several reasons you should one. For starters, since babies spend a […]
Stack em Jewlery Organizer Patents to Retail 3 Pieces

Patents To Retail Organizes Your Jewelry In A Snap

One of the Most Popular Jewelry Storage Systems Around Keeping your jewelry neat and organized is a breeze with this affordable and versatile 3 piece Stack […]
Beltevator With Packaging

Patents to Retail Elevates Your Seat Belt Experience

Snap the Beltevator on your Seat Belt and Drive with Safety, Comfort and Confidence Seat belts are often worn incorrectly due to their discomfort. The Beltevator […]

Patents to Retail’s Product Expands Your Closet Space by 800%

Tank Top Hanger Named as One of the Top Genius Products on Amazon DES PLAINES, Illinois – September 13, 2021 – Closet space can be tight […]
3-In-1 Stand Mixer Bowl Cover

3-In-1 Stand Mixer Bowl Cover – Patents To Retail

At  Patents to Retail – 3-In-1 Stand Mixer Bowl Cover kitchen gadget is essential for quick and convenient time spent in the kitchen. The 3-in-1 Stand […]

Patents to Retail’s New and Exclusive Partnership with Crate & Barrel

Bringing a product idea to the retail market is possible when partnering with Patents to Retail. Patents to Retail’s New and Exclusive Partnership with Crate & […]