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Patent To Retail Earns BBB Online Trust Monitor With BBB Accreditation

Reputation is everything. That’s why Patents To Retail is proud to announce that our excellent BBB Accreditation is helping us open more doors by improving the […]
Dr. Organizer Bamboo Storage Chair

The Dr. Organizer TyL Bamboo Storage Chair

The Dr. Organizer TyL Bamboo Storage Chair offers comfortable seating and significant space-saving with style! We all know that space is a precious commodity, and to […]
Capt Steve's Meat Marinator infusing a pork roast.

Is A Meat Marinator Worth The Investment?

If you’re looking for the best way to prepare delicious, tender steaks, pork loins, and other cuts, a meat marinator is the answer. A meat marinator […]
Snuggle Muff Nursing and Feeding Arm Pillow

Eight Tips to Make Feeding a Newborn Easier and More Comfortable

Feeding a newborn is a task that needs the collaborative effort of your baby and yourself. However, though infants are born with an urge to feed, […]

Patents to Retail Shares Their Chicago Office Expansion Project

Chicago, IL, United States – April 29, 2022. Patents to Retail shares their new Chicago office expansion project where they will upgrade their business and equipment. […]

Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable with Our Little Toe Guard

Are you ready for summer? Starting to plan vacations? You must be excited to start transitioning your winter clothes to spring-like clothes. Start with getting rid […]
Party time hair lights

How To Spice Up an Outfit on a Night Out with Party Time Hair Lights

Are you looking to elevate your nightlife looks? From street parades to weddings it is hard to know what to wear. To create the perfect ensemble […]
Prolong Razor Case

New & Improved Dr. Organizer Prolong Razor Case

Keep your razor sharper longer and maximize the life of your razor. Use less razor blades and replace them less often thanks to the new and […]
Party-Time Hair Lights box drawing

Let Your Loved One Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day With A Little Glow In Their Hair

Make Your Favorite Person Shine With Party Time Hair Lights Expressing your love is the most beautiful gift anyone could give someone on Valentine’s Day. Patents […]