Bamboo forest.

Go Eco-Friendly for Christmas: Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

The environment is essential to everyone, and finding new ways to be sustainable is a top priority for consumers worldwide. Not all sustainable furniture is created […]

Take Your Smoking Experience to the Next Level

Hemp joints are 100% legal federally, and many consumers across the U.S. and North America live in a state with some form of legal cannabis. Smoking […]
pillowcase for neck pillow.

Tips for Choosing a Contour Pillow

A contour or neck pillow supports the neck and relieves pressure on the spine. When shopping for a contour pillow, choosing one with the right size […]
3-In-1 Stand Mixer Bowl Cover

Finally! A Cover That Eliminates KitchenAid Mixer Splatter

No matter how careful you are, making a cake or other dish in your KitchenAid mixer always results in splatter. And if you’re like me, the […]
Man sneezing into elbow

Catch-A-Cough: Because Sneezing In Your Hand Is Gross

Coughing or sneezing into your hand is a bad habit that can spread germs and make you sick. High-speed photography shows us that one burst of […]
Universal Flat Screen TV Shelf Patents to Retail

Don’t Lose Your Remote Before Game Time!

If you’re like most people, your TV remote is one of the essential items in your home. It’s your connection to all your favorite shows, movies, […]
Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe Medication Lock Box

Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe

Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe While curiosity can lead to grand discoveries, it can lead to tragic accidents if kids get their hands on medication that’s not […]
Dr. Organizer Bamboo Storage Chair

The Dr. Organizer TyL Bamboo Storage Chair

The Dr. Organizer TyL Bamboo Storage Chair offers comfortable seating and significant space-saving with style! We all know that space is a precious commodity, and to […]
Luxe Dream Silky White Contoured Pillowcase by DR. Organizer

Luxe Dream Silky White Contoured Pillowcase by DR. Organizer

Many people forgo the traditional pillow and choose a contoured pillow for neck and back support. These pillows are beneficial for those with chronic pain, but […]